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Well Known Brands Sold at Discount Prices With Lifetime Rotations!

We have plenty of brand names to choose from including but not limited to Michelin®, BF Goodrich®, Cooper®, Goodyear®, Kelly Tires®, Bridgestone®, Pirelli®, Continental®, and many more! Plus our new machines including Hunter Engineering Company® makes for an excellent job!


Services Offered


Installation prices take into account the type of vehicle (passenger, SUV, Truck, etc.) as well as the type of tires (All Weather, Winter, High Performance, etc.).


Mounted and Balanced

If it’s just that time of year again where you need your tires rotated, we can rotate, mount, and balance them for you so you leave our shop with the accurate PSI for your car’s make and model.


Balanced Only

If your tire pressure sensor alert is on, feel free to come on in to our shop, and we will balance your tires making sure all 4 read the specified PSI for your car’s make and model. 
*Per Tire


Tire Sensors 

Per tire starting at 


Choose the Right Tires for Your Needs!

Choosing new tires doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Fast Lane we can assist you in finding the perfect set of tires for your needs. Whether you need All Season, Summer, Winter, High Performance, Passenger/Minivans, SUVs, Trucks, Motorsports, or just an economical option, we are here to help you. Submit a Quote or Request for the best tire options for your vehicle!

Tire Types


All-Season TiresDesigned to provide ideal all year round performance in all weather conditions with an even-wearing design, offers great water channeling, improves wet traction, and reduces hydroplaning.
Winter TiresIdeal for daily commuters who drive on plowed and treated roads, and deal with slush and black ice throughout the winter months. Provides better and smoother traction with maximum driving control on snowy and icy road conditions.
Summer Tires Summer tires help provide responsive performance handling and increased maneuverability such as acceleration, braking and traction in wet and dry conditions. If you need tires for the warmer months and you enjoy driving with precision, summer tires might be right for you.
Performance TiresBecause of the high-performance capabilities and higher speed ratings, sport performance tires are popular with those who enjoy the ride. They are known for enhanced control in both wet and dry conditions, has enhanced steering precision, maneuverability, and handling – especially during hard cornering.
All-Terrain TiresAlso known as off-road tires, mud tires, or 4x4 tires, offer tough traction for both on and off-road driving. If you drive in places where you face a variety of challenging road conditions, all-terrain tires might be right for you.
Fuel-Efficient TiresThe low rolling resistance of these tires helps decrease the amount of energy used in driving, resulting in decreased fuel consumption. These fuel-efficient tires also help offer versatile traction. They’re built to perform confidently in changing weather conditions like rain, sleet, slush and even light snow.
Motorsport TiresDelivers maximum handling and quick lap times. Has an increased surface area for greater heat dissipation which provides improved straight-line stability and high-speed cornering for superior braking and acceleration.


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