Motor Oil, Understanding Your Options

At Fast Lane, we will guide you to choose the correct motor oil for your vehicle. Learn the differences between you options by reviewing our explanations below.

Conventional Motor Oil

The lowest cost option. Good protection, performance and sludge defense. Ideal for vehicles that are not subjected to severe driving conditions such as dusty roads, extreme temperatures, heavy towing or frequent short trips.

High Mileage Motor Oil

Designed for engines with 75,000 miles or more. Unique additives help replenish worn and leaky seals, restore lost compression and reduce oil consumption.

Synthetic Blend Oil

This mixture of synthetic and conventional oil offers better protection, performance, cleaning and fuel economy than conventional or high mileage motor oil.

Fully Synthetic Oil

Offers the best protection, performance, lubrication, cleaning and fuel economy. Far superior to any other oil type.