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A Fast Lane Oil Change is the first step to a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. With each oil change, our fully-trained technicians check, change, inspect, flush, and fill the essential areas of your vehicle. We can accommodate every kind of vehicle with whatever type of oil is required – be it Conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend, full synthetic, or Diesel.

Our Oil Change Menu

With all our oil changes we change up to 5 quarts of your choice of premium oil with a new oil filter. (Specialty oil filters at additional cost.) We then perform our 10 point check which includes the transmission, all wheel drive cases, anti freeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid, air and cabin filters, washer fluid, battery, lights, tire pressure and wipers.

Fast Lane Oil Change Menu
Conventional Oil Changefrom $34.95
Our Value option that offers good protection and performance.
Synthetic Blend Oil Changefrom $49.95
This blended oil provides the benefits of synthetic with the economy of conventional.
Diesel Oil Changefrom $54.95
Diesel engines require higher quality oil that can have higher oil change intervals.
Super High Mileage Oil Changefrom $54.95
This blended oil is ideal for cars with over 75,000 miles. Seal conditioners can reduce oil consumption and leakage as well as extending engine life by fighting sludge and reducing wear.
Synthetic Oil Changefrom $59.95
For a cleaner more efficient engine. Full Synthetic offers superior performance, longer engine life and better gas mileage as well as extending oil change intervals.
Dexos (Synthetic) Oil Changefrom $59.95
Dexos™ is an oil specification designed by General Motors to indicate that it meets GM warrantee requirements.
Mobil Super from $64.95
Mobil Super helps extend engine life with full synthetic protection.
Mobil 1 from $82.95
This is an advanced, full synthetic motor oil that helps extend engine life by reducing wear and oil breakdown. Over time, Mobil 1 greatly reduces engine sludge.
Royal Purplefrom $95.95
Royal Purple is very high performance and quality suitable for any vehicle. If you want to drive more miles between oil changes, this is your best solution. More professional drivers and racing teams prefer the balanced feel of Royal Purple.

Other Types of Oil Change Options Also Available.  Call to Inquire!

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