Preventative Maintenance Service

We Want to be Your One-Stop Preventative Maintenance Service Provider

Your vehicle is important to you, and therefore, we offer comprehensive preventative maintenance services provider in a convenient and professional environment. Whether your vehicle needs manufacturer recommended maintenance to help keep it in top running condition or a checkup before a long trip, you’re in good hands at Fast Lane. There’s no need to make an appointment, and we’ll get you in and out, and on your way as efficiently as possible.

Fluid Exchange and Other Services

There’s no need to make an appointment at Fast Lane. Whether you’re here for fluid exchange, flush or cleaning, we’ll get you in and out as quickly as we can, while still providing reliable and friendly service.

All of the fluid replacement services that we feature are performed by our highly skilled staff using equipment and replacement fluids designed specifically for that particular service. We see to it that, all the oils and fluids in our shop will meet or in some cases exceed the requirements set down by the vehicle manufacturer.

You can, therefore, rest assured that any time that you request that any of your fluids, from oil to coolant, to power steering, to transmissions and differentials, be changed, you will leave our shop with the knowledge that you have received the very best in service and products.

Fluid Exchanges and Services 
Power Steering Flush$69.99
Over time you’re vehicle’s power steering fluid can deteriorate, causing buildup of harmful sludge and abrasives that are then circulated via the fluid. Fast Lane’s Power Steering Flush will replace the existing fluid with new, quality power steering fluid in accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications.
Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange$99.99
Our service replaces all worn and dirty ATF from the transmission body, transmission cooler and torque converter. Our synthetic fluid equals or exceeds all manufacturer specifications. This service will extend the life of your transmission and keep it running and shifting smoothly. Our service is available for CVT’s as well as manual transmissions.
Anti-Freeze (Coolant) Flushfrom $129.99
After a thorough examination we flush all of the anti freeze from the engine block, radiator and the heater core, simultaneously replacing it with fresh coolant per your vehicles manufacturers recommendation. Maintaining the cooling system will help to prevent serious engine overheating or freezing
Brake Fluid Exchange Service$89.99
our service will effectively remove oxidized and corrosive brake fluid while replacing it with new clean brake fluid. This helps Prevent brake system malfunction and improves car safety.
Air Conditioning Evacuation and Recharge Service up to $129.99
If your air conditioner starts to blow hot air we can restore it to optimum performance by removing the Freon from the entire A/C system, reconditioning it and replacing it. We will then bring the level back up to its normal range.
Oil System Cleaning, Heavy Duty$59.99
Recommended for cars that have been idle for extended periods of time or have not had the engine oil replaced on schedule.
Transfer Case Servicefrom $79.99
The case is completely evacuated and refilled with fluid which meets or exceeds OEM Specs. Keep you all wheel drive system running smoothly.
Front/Rear Differentialfrom $79.99
Each box is completely evacuated and refilled with gear oil that meets or exceeds your manufacturers’ recommendations. This process restores additives that protect your cars differential gears.
Fuel System Restoration
We use a specifically designed system to remove dirt and fuel deposits from the intake manifold, fuel injectors-throttle body delivery system. This service maximizes engine efficiency, increases gas mileage and restores lost performance.
The Good Fuel System Restoration: Mighty 10 oz$9.99
The Better Fuel System Restoration: Mighty 16 oz$19.99
The Best Fuel System Restoration: BG 44k$29.99
New York State Inspection$21.00
Why get your car inspected at Fast Lane? That’s easy. It’s quick and easy. We’ll get you in and out as efficiently as we can.
New York State Inspection, Safety$10.00
For cars two years or newer that do not require emissions.

Parts and Products

At Fast Lane Oil Change and Car Wash, we continuously strive to provide the best customer service and workmanship. We know you can get an oil change anywhere, but for great service you come to Fast Lane.

As part of that service, we sell and replace parts, products, at a supreme level of quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

Additional Products & Services 
Air and Cabin Filtersfrom $23.95
Fuel Filtersfrom $59.95
Tire Rotationfrom $29.95
Serpentine Beltsfrom $69.95
Wipersfrom $9.95
Light Bulbsfrom $3.95
Batteriesfrom $99.95
Drain Plugs and Gasketsfrom $4.95